Microsoft Dynamics Retail

Retail business activities can be successfully automated with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS).

Microsoft Dynamics RMS can be used by most general or specialty retailers with one to 100 store locations. It is also used by larger retailers that own 100 or more stores operating under a decentralized business model.

MS RMS system allows for effortless checkout with its point of sale application, successful marketing initiatives with customer relationship management (CRM), and stock level control with inventory management.This powerful retail management software package runs on personal computers and helps you manage a wide range of store operations and customer marketing tasks

RMS is offered in two different packages. Store Operations is customized for individual retail stores, and Headquarters is best for retailers that operate multiple stores and want to analyze data from one headquarter location.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics Retail

  • 1 Easy Managing System

    Easily manage the stock level of the inventory. Very efficient in handling inventories.

  • 2 Supply Chain Connectors

    Give sales feedback instantly, it also gives information regarding customers and inventory.

  • 3 Manageable Projects

    Microsoft Retail Management System ensures reliability of reports and status updates of the existing projects to monitor.

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